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Frequently Asked Questions For Our Legal Team

At Koon Cook & Walters, LLC, our accident lawyers proudly serve the Columbia, Winnsboro, Irmo, Blythewood, and West Columbia, South Carolina, areas.

Whether you need an accident lawyer, medical malpractice representation, a workers’ compensation lawyer, or another legal service, rely on the team at Koon Cook & Walters, LLC. Our legal team is hardworking and dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients. We have over 75 years of combined experience and are ready to defend you!

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What should I do after an accident?

There are a few essential steps to follow after an auto accident. First step is to ensure your health, wellness, and safety. Even if you don’t immediately feel pain, be sure to consult a doctor shortly after the collision. Remember to immediately call the police to alert them of the accident and get an official police report. When you speak to your insurance company, avoid giving a recorded statement in the event there are any conflicts. Don’t wait too long before seeking out an accident lawyer, especially if injuries are involved.

Why should I contact a car wreck lawyer?

Here at Koon Cook & Walters, LLC, we have over 75 years of experience and have a plethora of knowledge on the various laws associated with automobile accidents. An experienced accident lawyer will negotiate the fair and quick compensation that you deserve. A lawyer will also give you peace of mind knowing we have your best interests at heart and will fight until we reach a settlement you are satisfied with.

How long could my injury case take?

There are many factors that can affect a case’s length, including the level of harm, medical treatment, and insurance coverage. If two parties agree on who is at fault, it can be resolved relatively quickly. If a lawsuit is filed in the state of South Carolina, it can generally take months and, in rare cases, a year to get resolved. It is best to get in touch with a car wreck or accident lawyer as quickly as possible to get started on the process.

How soon should I contact a car wreck lawyer?

You will want to contact a car wreck lawyer as quickly as possible. In the state of South Carolina, you must file any lawsuit related to an automobile accident within three weeks, or you can risk the chances of your case being dismissed.

Can I continue to drive my car?

Until you’ve had your vehicle properly inspected, you should not be driving it. Even if there are only a few scratches, it should still be looked at thoroughly before you drive again.

What are some examples of medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice can range but the most common type is a failure to diagnose. If patients are not properly diagnosed, they can not be treated and therefore, their health may deteriorate or worsen. Medication errors are also a common type of medical malpractice. Getting the wrong medication or the wrong dose can be life-threatening for some.

If I think I need a medical malpractice lawyer, what do I do?

Before contacting a medical malpractice lawyer, begin collecting any and all documentation you can regarding the malpractice and your case. This includes dates of surgery, lab results, scans, and the names of the healthcare workers involved. Then, contact Koon Cook & Walters, LLC!

What types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation?

Any injuries sustained in the workplace and occupational illnesses are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Repetitive injuries that develop over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are also covered.

When should I hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

If your injuries are serious, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you obtain the full amount of benefits that you are entitled to. The process can be quite complex and insurance companies want to minimize their payouts so hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can be very beneficial.

When should I contact a criminal defense attorney?

You will need a criminal defense attorney when you are detained by the police or placed under arrest. If this happens to you in Columbia, South Carolina, contact our team at Koon Cook & Walters, LLC, immediately.