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Experienced Advocacy In Commercial Vehicle And Truck Accidents In South Carolina

Last updated on February 13, 2023

Sharing the road with tractor-trailers, commercial vehicles and semi trucks creates an immediate imbalance for cars and smaller vehicles like motorcycles. The disparity in size can result in catastrophic accident injuries. If you have been injured in an accident with a semi or an 18-wheeler in Columbia, our truck accident attorneys can help. Koon Cook & Walters, LLC, was founded in 1991. With decades of experience, our personal injury attorneys have proven time and again that they can successfully negotiate settlements that are in the best interests of accident victims and also can fight passionately on their behalf if the case goes to trial.

Semitruck Accidents And A Multitude Of Causes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry across the nation. It conducted a study that revealed several factors that can contribute or cause 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer and semi truck crashes, including:

  • Poor driver decision making: Drivers can make mistakes like misjudging the speed and distance with surrounding vehicles or driving too fast.
  • Poor driver recognition: This can include drivers not paying attention to what’s happening around them.
  • Driver impairment: Drivers cause accidents when they fail to follow training, were not trained properly or were driving while impaired or distracted.
  • Truck maintenance or vehicle issues: Inspections and semi truck maintenance are required by law for commercial vehicles and cargo trucks; dangerous conditions can result if these requirements are not followed.

South Carolina’s accident laws state that whoever is at fault in a motor vehicle accident or crash can be held liable and responsible for any damages that accident caused. Contributory negligence allows for multiple parties to be responsible for an accident. In a truck accident, multiple parties could be liable. The trucking company could be responsible for failing to maintain the commercial vehicle properly. A parts manufacturer could be held liable under product liability principles. Finally, the driver can also be held responsible for mistakes, inattentiveness or impairment. Finding an experienced personal injury law firm with the knowledge, experience and resources needed to get to the bottom of what happened to cause an accident is critical.

Free Case Assessments Your Truck Accident

At Koon Cook & Walters, LLC, we offer free, no-obligation initial consultations and case assessments. By understanding the specific circumstances of your motor vehicle accident, we can better evaluate your chance of recovering financial compensation for your accident injuries. Call us today at 803-991-0685 or reach out through our online form to schedule yours today.