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4 common reasons truck accidents happen in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Firm News

While every truck accident is unique, patterns emerge when you look at the statistics. Specifically, certain causes of terrible collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles on South Carolina’s roads tend to come up again and again

Not all of these wrecks — and the resulting injuries — are the truck driver’s fault. But they often are to blame. Here are four common ways that negligent trucks cause violent crashes that can kill someone in the other vehicle or mark them permanently disabled.

  • Distracted driving. A distracted driver in any vehicle can cause a disaster. But someone operating a huge 18-wheeler that is slow to brake can be especially reckless with a smartphone in their hands. Even a brief distraction from driving can be long enough to prevent a truck driver from reacting to changing road situations in time.
  • Drowsy driving. Long hours on the road and pressure to complete their routes quickly can leave truck drivers exhausted and sleep-deprived. Federal regulations exist to enforce sleep and rest breaks, but nodding off at the wheel is still a major contributor to trucking accidents.
  • Breaking traffic laws. Speed limits exist for a reason. Stop signs and traffic lights are there to let traffic flow in an orderly and safe fashion. Breaking the law by speeding, running red lights or changing lanes without signaling all raise the risk of a collision.
  • Poor training. Driving a commercial truck is more complicated than operating a car, pickup or SUV. It’s the trucking company’s responsibility to ensure a driver they hire is experienced or give them adequate training if they are not. If the company fails and puts an untrained, incompetent driver on the road, tragedy can be the result.

Getting hit by a semi can cause you lifelong impairments or cost the life of someone you love. A conversation with a personal injury attorney can help you understand what kinds of compensation you are entitled to.